Digital Cornerstone

At Cornerstone we know that Digital Technology is one approach that we use to enhance teaching and learning and empower collaboration and communication across the school community. This is part of our journey as a Microsoft Showcase School.

Cornerstone Showcase Application (2021)

Cornerstone Showcase Application (2020)



Digital Vision

Inspirational Teaching and Learning is collaborative, encourages curiosity and self-discovery, and transforms lives. Learners are deeply engaged as active partners by innovative teaching which inspires them to learn always and all ways and gives them the digital skills necessary for the jobs of the future Use of digital skills powers up their learning, developing their: Communication, Teamwork, Resilience, Independence and Positivity. 

Inspirational Leadership challenges, supports and coaches colleagues through trusting, authentic and professional relationships, develops professional pedagogy, which includes more interactive and digitalised methods, that promote the critical and individual thinking, where teachers serve as facilitatorscoaches and activators. Learning environments are purposeful, innovative and engaging and utilise digital tools and skills to help personalise learning making it accessible and inclusive to all. Responsive, adaptive and reflective teaching uses purposeful assessment effectively to inform future learning. Staff learning that supports the rapidly developing digital world giving those skills to inspire children, is key to transforming children’s learning. 

Inspirational Outcomes are to nurture aspirational, courageous, self-fulfilled, collaborative and reflective learners, who feel ownership of their learning and encourage them to be inspired and collaborate with others. As learners they co-construct and re-construct knowledge and ideas and through being challenged to achieve high quality outcomes across the curriculum and build self-belief in their power to influence their own futures. Learners develop digital skills that enable innovation that include: curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and systems analysis. 



As a school we have used a range of Microsoft 365 Education tools to enhance teaching and learning. You can view a range of Case Studies about how these are being developed and embedded in the following Sway:

Cornerstone Digital Transformation Case Studies



You can also view our development journey in our termly Showcases:

Digital Cornerstone Showcase January 2022

Digital Cornerstone Showcase April 2021

Digital Cornerstone Showcase January 2021



Our children have also discussed how our use of technology has developed them in a series of Digital Learning Conversations which can be viewed on our YouTube channel:

Cornerstone Digital Learning Conversations Playlist







Some of our staff have been interviewed by Microsoft Education to explain how we use a range of digital technology to enhance teaching and learning and empower the children as learners.


We are also very pleased that we have received positive feedback from our children and families about our development of Digital Technology, particularly to support Home and Remote Learning.

Learner feedback on Remote Learning







Remote Learning Family Survey








Mr Penfold (our Digital Leader), Mr Clarke (our headteacher) and other staff members have also shared our professional learning and use of a range of Microsoft Educational Tools in a series of online webinars for other teachers and leaders which can be viewed on our YouTube channel:

Primary Edu 365 Playlist