Cornerstone Primary School is committed to providing a full-time education of the highest quality for all our pupils, which maximises opportunities for each pupil to learn and grow. There is a great deal of evidence which links high levels of attendance to high levels of achievement, enjoyment of school and to improved life chances. We therefore work with our parent community to highlight the importance of being in school every day.

As a school, we have to set a target in line with national expectations for the children’s attendance:

Target for 2021/22 = 97%


Attendance for 2020/21 = 97.6%

No attendance data for 2019/20 due to national school closure / phased re-opening in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Attendance for 2018/19 = 97.0%

Attendance for 2017/18 = 96.5%

Attendance for 2016/17 = 96.3%



Regular attendance at Cornerstone is defined as 97%.

We appreciate that unfortunately children are sometimes ill and occasionally, there may be more serious medical reasons for absence. We do sympathise with these circumstances and will work with you and your child to avoid any future illness.

As a parent, there are some strategies you might consider to help raise your child’s attendance:

  • Talk regularly with your child about school and how they feel about it. They are more likely to attend if they feel supported and their anxieties are listened to.
  • Only grant days at home for genuine illness (you will know).
  • Praise for good attendance.
  • Phone us as soon as possible to tell us why your child is absent and when you expect them to return.
  • Please help us and your child by ensuring their attendance remains above 97%, allowing them to achieve their potential.


You can view our policy here: Attendance Policy

You might also find the ‘Guide for Parents’ information leaflet useful: Attendance – A guide for parents

Should your child not be able to come to school, then please call the school office before 9am and let us know.

You can find further advice about when to send your child to school and when to keep them at home if they are unwell from the following NHS website: Is my child ok to go to school?

Children are categorised as ‘Persistent Absentees’ if their attendance falls below 90%. This threshold is inline with the County and National threshold.

Penalty notices might be issued for unauthorised periods of absence; more details can be found in this guide: Advice on Penalty Notices

A copy of our latest Attendance Policy can also be found on the policy section of this website.