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The 12 Days of Christmas 2020

The children and staff were creative in the way they celebrated Advent through these photos and videos:

On the first day of Christmas, Cornerstone gave to me….17 little snowmen in a snowy scene.










On the second day of Christmas, Cornerstone gave to me…27 little angels under a starry sky.







On the third day of Christmas, Cornerstone gave to me… one giant Christmas tree!










On the fourth day of Christmas, Cornerstone gave to me… 32 little elves helping to sort the presents.










On the fifth day of Christmas, Cornerstone gave to me… 29 Koalas throwing Snowballs.








On the sixth day of Christmas, Cornerstone gave to me… a unique nativity scene.










On the seventh day of Christmas, Cornerstone gave to me… 30 excited reindeer.






On the eighth day of Christmas, Cornerstone gave to me… 3 baubles on a Christmas tree!










On the ninth day of Christmas, Cornerstone gave to me… 9 awesome lunchtime elves.










On the tenth day of Christmas, Cornerstone gave to me…Team Cornerstone wishing you a Merry Christmas!










On the eleventh day of Christmas, Cornerstone gave to me…Santa Paws.










On the twelfth day of Christmas, Cornerstone gave to me… 7 classes signing and wishing you a very Merry Christmas!






Photo of the Year competition

Every year the staff select their a photo from the year, and then the children vote for their favourite. The winners from each year are displayed below.









Inter school athletics

Children from Year 3 to Year 6 were selected to represent the school in an Athletics competition in November 2019. Events included: speed bounce, vertical jump, chest throws and long jumps along a range of running events.






Sports Day and Picnic 2019

It was a lovely sunny morning for Sports Day. As usual lots of the team challenges and activities followed by sprint and relay races. This year however the Y6 pupils ran the activities for the younger children, and the Y3-Y6 children took part in more athletic activities such as: long jump, triple jump, javelin and discuss as well as running races.






Science Week

In March 2019 children across the school took part in a range of practical investigations and activities both at school and at home. The week culminated in our first Cornerstone Science Fair which showcased many examples of exciting home learning.










World Book Day

The children came into school with a prop or item of clothing from a character from one of their favourite books. Each class had also decorated their classroom door, themed around a particular book or author. The theme of World Book Day was ‘Share a story’, so staff and older children spent time during the day visiting other classes and sharing stories and poems.











Beach Litter Pick

As part of raising awareness regarding ‘Plastic Pollution’ (the theme of this year’s Rock Challenge performance) children, families and staff gathered at Hill Head beach on a Saturday morning. With support from Fareham Borough Council they cleared plastic and other rubbish off the beach.





Inter-school athletics competition

Children from Years 3-6 competed against other local schools in a range of athletic activities in Autumn term 2018. The activities included: chest push, javelin throw, speed bounce, long jump and relay races. They all took part with enthusiasm and were great team players.



Grow a Pound celebration

Over the summer holidays, many children took a pound they had been given by the PTA and used it in a variety of creative ways to raise funds for the PTA. On Monday 10 September we had an exhibition in the hall to share the children’s projects.







Open Classroom July 2018

Many families visited near the end of the school year, to share and celebrate their children’s learning and achievements.










End of year disco 2018

The children enjoyed dancing and playing games at the final disco of the year. The usual hot dogs and cakes also went down very well.





Christmas Lunch 2017

The children, staff and governors enjoyed our traditional Christmas lunch. Turkey, roast potatoes, crackers and delicious deserts!


Grow a £1 (PTA summer holiday project)

The PTA set the children a challenge. Each child was given a £1 coin and invited to consider how they could ‘grow it’ over the summer holiday. The aim was to develop their creativity, entrepreneurship and to raise further funding for the PTA to support the school. We received a fabulous response with the children undertaking all sorts of activities from car washing to plant growing, from cake baking to stone decorating.  

In September we held a Project Celebration for the children and families to come into school and see the posters, photos and project books the children had created to share and remember their achievements. It was great to see the children learning from each other’s ideas and starting to think (a long way) ahead, to what they might decide to undertake next summer. From an initial outlay of £130 the children have raised over £800 for the PTA through this project. Another valuable experience about how we can all work together to make our community more supportive and strong.


Sports Morning and Picnic 2017

Another enjoyable, active and successful Sports Morning. The older children took part in sprint and relay races, as well as long jumps. The younger children enjoyed completing an obstacle course. There was also a range of team activities, from the water race to bean bag throw, from mat rolls to football dribbles.

This year Team Green won the competitions with 266 points. However it was a close competition with only 21 points separating the teams in first and third places.



Pictures of Summer Art Gallery

Many children from across the school created art pieces at home to represent their view of summer. There was a range of different styles and techniques. The children and parents were able to visit and enjoy the Gallery during the picnic lunch on Sports Morning.




Ground Force day 2017

Volunteer children, parents, staff and governors gave time on a Sunday to rejuvenate the school grounds. Weeding beds, planting flowers, tidying the willow tunnel, clearing paths in the copse and building a den together. The grounds are now more colourful and more ready for outdoor learning and adventure!







Red Nose Day 2017

The children enjoying coming into school wearing red to help raise money for a range of good causes supported by the national charity. They had a chance to compare noses, share their jokes on a Joke Wall and Year 4 pupils shared with the rest of the school some facts they had researched about how challenging life is for some children in other parts of the world.




Christmas Fair 2016

A festive, fun and successful Christmas Fair took place on Saturday the 3rd of December. There were a range of stalls, activities and games plus drinks, cakes and an outdoor barbeque. The school choir entertained the crowd during the event and Santa’s Grotto helped to make it a magical and memorable event for the children and their families.

wp_20161202_12_09_48_pro     wp_20161203_09_25_19_pro wp_20161203_10_41_37_pro     wp_20161203_10_42_00_pro wp_20161203_10_42_19_pro     wp_20161203_10_42_36_pro wp_20161203_11_25_25_pro     wp_20161203_11_53_17_pro


Big Olympic Sports Week 2016

We had a fabulous and active week taking part in a range of different sports: hockey, air rifle shooting, football, gymnastics, cheerleading and Choi Kwang Do. The week culminated in our Sports Morning and Picnic.

Rather than the staff writing about the week, we would like to thank Josh, Lyla, Dylan and Erika who as a team recorded the exciting events in the following report.

Big Olympic Sports Week


The Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations.

The pupils and staff enjoyed a range of activities to commemorate the Queen’s birthday on Friday 10 June. Everyone came into school dressed ‘regally’ or in red, white and blue. Chalking messages on the playground, signing a large birthday card, creating a large ’90’ on the playground with the pupils and staff, and an impressive and delicious open air street party at lunch time.

90 chalk     90

IMG_3943     IMG_3941

IMG_3949     IMG_3951



New Trim Trail equipment.

With many thanks to the hard working members of the PTA who have raised money and secured grants for our new Trim Trail equipment. It opened in June 2016 to great excitement, big smiles and lots of determined climbing. A fantastic resource for the children to share.

Trim Trail 2     Trim Trail 4

Trim Trail 5     Trim Trail 3


World Book Day

Everyone young, and not quite so young, in our school community enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. Everyone came to school creatively and colourfully dressed as characters from books, for example Oliver Twist and Isabella from Spell Sisters. The children created their own chocolate bars for Willy Wonka, designed dragons, made paper dolls and designed knickers for the Queen, amongst other activities. Classes undertook other challenges, visited the newly improved school library and shared their thoughts about the day in a special celebration worship.

IMG_2172     IMG_2178

IMG_2179     IMG_2183

IMG_2744     IMG_2748

IMG_2751     IMG_2758

IMG_2770     world book day 073

world book day 080     world book day 082

world book day 087     Staff 1

Staff 2     Staff 3


Messy Christingle

We were delighted to welcome Whiteley Church back for Messy Christingle. Many activities involved the children thinking about light, the coming of Jesus and how important this time of year is in the Christian calendar. Everyone gathered together to light their Christingles, before sharing a lovely meal, which this time included mince pies as well!

Christingle 1     Christingle 2

Christingle 3     Christingle 4

Christingle 5     Christingle 6

Christingle 7     Christingle 8


Live music

Mrs Schwartz from Hampshire Music Service came into school to teach the children about different instruments in the Woodwind and Brass families. She also played a range of tunes for the children to try and recognise.

HMS 4     HMS 3

HMS 2     HMS


Big Maths Day

All members of the school community took part in this hands-on, practical, problem solving day. A wide range of learning activities were enjoyed by mixed aged groups. Lots of learning and lots of fun.

WP_20150717_09_14_53_Pro[2]     022

IMG_3382     IMG_3369

IMG_3366     IMG_3364

IMG_1656     IMG_1661


Sports Morning and Picnic

The whole school community enjoyed glorious sunny weather and an exciting range of activities for the children to take part in. Team multi-skill games, were followed by a Year R obstacle course and then relay and running races for Year 1 and Year 2.

Mums, dads and toddlers all took part in their own running races, before everyone settled down to a lovely picnic lunch together.

IMG_3268     IMG_3271

IMG_3272     IMG_3276

IMG_3278     IMG_3280

IMG_3282     IMG_3283

IMG_3286     IMG_3288



Ground Force Day

Volunteers from Lloyds Bank came into school to work with the children and staff on improving and updating our school grounds. Paths were remade in the Copse, a new circle of wooden logs was built in the corner of the field, weeds were removed, seeds planted and new flower pots added to the fence. A fantastic, enjoyable and colourful day for all with results we can use for the months and years to come.

GF3     GF14

GF13     GF11

GF7     GF5

GF6     GF1

GF2     GF9


Easter Messy Church

On Good Friday over 170 people packed into the school to enjoy a range of activities, songs, and food together to think about the Easter story. Messy Church was organised and run by volunteers from Whiteley Church. It was fantastic to see so many members of the wider community coming together.

Messy Church 3                                                 Messy Church 6

Messy Church 9     Messy Church 8

Messy Church 7     Messy Church 2

Messy Church 5


Comic Relief Day 2015

The whole school community enjoyed the chance to make their faces funny for money. Sharing jokes, laughter and cakes to raise money for a good cause.

RND1     RND2

RND3     RND4

RND5                                             RND6

RND7     RND8

RND9     RND10

RND11     Joke Wall 2

Comic Releif cakes 2     Comic Relief cakes

CR cake sale     CR cake sale 2


Snow Day

The children thoroughly enjoyed the chance to play and explore in the snow in February 2015. Our Chair of Governors joined in with the fun, which included creative ways of drying hats and gloves afterwards.

Snow 7     Snow 5

Snow 10     Snow 9

Snow 4     Snow 1

Snow 8     Snow 11


Winter Warmers Reading Event

It was wonderful to see so many parents and grandparents attending this special event with their children. Mrs. Copestake worked very hard to organise and run the event, which proved enjoyable and successful. Many ideas about promoting reading with children, as well as many books, were shared.

IMG_2346     IMG_2351

IMG_2354     IMG_2359

IMG_2358     IMG_2350