Harris class 


Welcome to Year 6







Galaxy Class (Year 5)


Greek Day

As part of their Ancient Greek Learning the children enjoyed a Greek Day. They enjoyed performing a Greek dance, building models of Ancient Greek temples, explored the story of Theseus and the Minotaur in drama and tested a range of traditional Greek foods.


Fairthorne Activity Days

In September the class enjoyed taking part in a range of adventurous activities at Fairthorne Manor.

The activities included: paddle boarding, kayaking, climbing, abseiling, zip-wiring and canoeing.







When we were Lizards class (Year 4)

Stone Age Celebration

The class enjoyed sharing their learning with their families and friends in the school hall.






Harry Potter day

Having spent time reading and studying the first book in the series, exploring the characters, plot and settings: the children enjoyed a day coming in dressed as characters from the wizarding world of Harry Potter to take part in a range of exciting activities.









When we were Toucans class (Year 3)


Roman Day

The children enjoyed dressing up as ancient Romans and taking part in a range of different activities.






Fishbourne Roman Palace trip

As part of their Ancient Roman Quest the class visited the site of a Roman Palace in West Sussex.

During the day the saw real Ancient Roman artefacts including mosaics, learnt how the Romans built and designed their houses and had the opportunity to dress up and role play as different people from Ancient Roman times.




When we were Meerkats class (Year 2)


Open Class displays

Many families came into school near the end of the school year, to share and celebrate their children’s learning and achievements. Below are some of the displays which showcased their learning.



Oates Museum visit.

Meerkats class have been busy learning in their ‘Explorers’ Learning Quest. As part of this they visited the Oates Museum to learn more about Captain Lawrence Oates.








HMS Victory visit

As part of their Learning Quest “On the High Seas”, Meerkats class had the opportunity to visit HMS Victory, to undertake a range of activities and to ask questions of some experts.





Not Now Nativity

The children in Years R, 1 and 2, performed a nativity during advent. It was performed to the older children in the school and to their parents and families.




Role play in English

The children explored the book “The Tale of the Two Beasts”. To help them think about the characters’ thoughts and feelings at different points in the story they created still images.





When we were Owls (Year 1)

A Miracle in Town

Owls and Stars classes retold the story of the nativity with songs and dance moves. They also enjoyed dressing up in costume to perform to their families.



When we were Hedgehogs (Year R)

Longdown Activity Farm visit

Hedgehogs class thoroughly enjoyed their day out to the farm. They met and fed pigs, goats, cows and chicks. They also had the opportunity to go on a rather bumpy tractor ride, and enjoy a picnic lunch together.

DSCN0445 DSCN0440 DSCN0434 DSCN0425 DSCN0411 DSCN0403 DSCN0398 DSCN0392 DSCN0386 DSCN0379


A Christmas Tale

Hedgehogs and Dolphins classes impressed their audiences with their performances of this Christmas story about Minty the Mouse finding out what the real tale of Christmas is. Great acting, lovely singing and stylish costumes.

IMG_3124     IMG_3111

IMG_3121     IMG_3878

IMG_3875     IMG_3871

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Special Celebrations

Hedgehogs have been learning about many different types of celebrations that are important to people and their families. This week they came in dressed in their finest to take part in a pretend wedding. The wedding was led by Reverend Philippa and there were rings, flowers, confetti and of course cake.

IMG_3672     IMG_3680

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