School Day

Timings for Autumn term 2020



The usual timings

8:45                 Doors open

8:50                 Morning session starts

9:00                 Gates locked (all children in class)

12:00-1:00      Lunchtime

1:00                  Afternoon session starts

3:00                 Gates unlocked

3:15                 Afternoon session ends


All children must meet certain expectations of punctuality. The school day starts at 8.45am with children expected to arrive no later than 8.50am to ensure a prompt start to the day.  If a child arrives after 9am, an “unauthorised absence” will be recorded for one session.


Independence for Keystage 2

Pupils in Keystage 2 (ie Year 3 and above) can be sent into class on their own in the mornings from the school gates, and staff will let children out at the end of the day independently. We would obviously still expect a responsible adult to meet the children within the school grounds, and it remains parental responsibility to make sure that children get to the classroom and are collected at the end of the day safely.

If this is not yet appropriate for your child, then please feel free to continue to drop off your child at the classroom door in the mornings, and collect them from there in the afternoons.

Further information can be found in the letter below:

Drop off and pick up procedures


Playground and Trim Trail

Children should not cycle or scoot on the playground at the start or end of the day. This includes younger siblings using bikes and scooters and will help us to keep everybody safe.

We are happy to allow children to use the Trim Trail equipment before and after school, unless the red triangle signs are in front of the Trim Trail equipment. However, they must be supervised by a parent or carer at these times and need to adhere to the following age restrictions for using the play equipment:

Pre-school and Year R children use only the original pieces of Trim Trail equipment, which are next to the fence. Year 1 children can only go to the height indicated by the green ribbons on the Climbing Pyramid and Net Wall, and the Monkey Bars can only be used by Year 3 and older children, and should only be used by one child at a time.

We would also ask that all families have left the playground by 3.30 pm to allow clubs and Time Out to use the outside space. However, you are very welcome to stay and watch if your child is taking part in a club.