Strong, open, positive home school partnerships are crucial to help children learn and develop. We see the benefit for our children with support parents provide through a range of Home Learning activities.

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As a school we have bought into an online learning platform called Purple Mash. The platform has various tools which enable the children to access all aspects of the Computing National Curriculum. There are also games and books with activities that can be accessed. The children all have an individual Username and Password which families have been supplied with so that children can access this learning at home. To find the our Home Page on Purple Mash please click on the following link:

Cornerstone Purple Mash

Reading Bookmarks

In Year R and Year 1 a lot of reading practice is designed to help the children decode words. The main way we do this is through phonics (linking sounds to letters). However even in these years reading is not just about decoding and saying words, it is also about developing the children’s comprehension. The importance of developing the children’s understanding and ability to explain and justify their ideas and opinions becomes increasingly more important each year. Therefore we have developed a series of Reading Bookmarks (based on initial documents from Twinkl) to support families with a range of questions that could be asked, or discussions that can be enjoyed, related to the books your child is reading.

Year 1 home reading book mark

Year 2 home reading book mark

Lower ks2 home reading book mark


Library and reading

You can access our Junior Librarian page, to see which books your child has taken out, which books are most popular and to read and write reviews.

The link is Junior Librarian.

You can also find below books that are recommended for each year group by Hampshire’s School Library Service (SLS).

SLS Recommended Reads Year R

SLS Recommended Reads Year 1

SLS Recommended Reads Year 2

SLS Recommended Reads Year 3

SLS Recommended Reads Year 4

SLS Recommended Reads Year 5

SLS Recommended Reads Year 6

SLS significant authors

There are also other useful websites to find new books that your child might enjoy, such as:


Grammar terms

Linked to the National Curriculum are a number of grammar terms the children need to know, understand and be able to use in their writing. A list of these terms, with definitions and examples are available in the link below, courtesy of ‘The Punctuation Show’.

Parents Grammar Guide



The list of key words that are practiced and learnt in each year group are available here: Cornerstone key words

A range of useful and exciting ways of exploring spelling rules / patterns and learning specific words are available here: Spelling Pick n Mix


The presentation that was shared at our Maths Information evening for parents is available here: Maths Information evening

Also at this evening Mr Clarke shared and explained the school’s Progressions for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We would like to thank the generous staff at Whiteley Primary who shared their Progressions which we have adapted for Cornerstone. These can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Addition progression Mar 16

Subtraction progression Mar 16

Multiplication progression Mar 16

Division progression Mar 16


Maths Learn Its

These have been developed to support the children’s learning and understanding of key mathematical facts. They are used in school but are also shared with parents to support Home Learning. They can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Year R:

YR Autumn Learn Its

YR Spring Learn Its

YR Summer Learn Its

Year 1:

Y1 Autumn 1 Learn Its

Y1 Autumn 2 Learn Its

Y1 Spring 1 Learn Its

Y1 Spring 2 Learn Its

Y1 Summer 1 Learn Its

Year 2:

Y2 Autumn 1 Learn Its

Y2 Autumn 2 Learn Its

Y2 Spring Learn Its

Y2 Summer Learn Its

Year 3:

Y3 Autumn Learn Its

Y3 Spring Learn Its

Y3 Summer Learn Its

Year 4:

Y4 Autumn Learn Its

Y4 Spring Learn Its

Y4 Summer Learn Its

Year 5:

Y5 Autumn Learn Its

Y5 Spring Learn Its