Helping children learn how to stay safe online is an important part of the partnership between family and school. E.Safety is a key element of every unit of learning in the Computing Curriculum.

Each class has E.Safety posters to remind the children of key messages.


Our Key Stage 2 Digital Leaders have worked with Hampshire police, learning more about E.Safety which they then share with the other children. This included learning about the following 5 characters:




Mr Penfold (our IT Leader) has produced the following posters giving advice about key sites / games the children might access:






Mr Penfold also produces termly E.Safety Newsletters to inform and advise families and children. These can be found on our Newsletters page, but are also listed below:

September 2020 E.Safety Newsletter

January 2020 E.Safety Newsletter

September 2019 E.Safety Newsletter

April 2019 E.Safety Newsletter

December 2018 E.Safety Newsletter

September 2018 E.Safety Newsletter

April 2018 E.Safety Newsletter

January 2018 E.Safety Newsletter

September 2017 E.Safety Newsletter