“A Miracle in Town”

This year, our Year R and Year 1 pupils will be performing “A Miracle in Town” for the Christmas Worship.

You might wish to listen to the songs they will be performing and help them practise these at home, using the links below:

We’d like to tell you a story

Little Grey Donkey

Down in the Stable

Such a perfect Moment

The Angels’ Song

There’s a Razzle and a Dazzle

Wonderful Camels

A Miracle in Town

“Lights, Camel, Action!”

For the Christmas Worship, our pupils in Years 2, 3 and 4 will be performing “Lights, Camel, Action!”

They might wish to practise the songs at home, using the links below:

We must travel home (Nazareth Line Dance)

Life has changed

Camel Funk

The Shepherds’ Hey!

Disco Star

The Innkeepers’ Tango

Spread the Word (Bethlehem Hand Jive)