Collective Worship is an important part of each day for our school community as a Church of England school, and we will endeavour to hold an act of Collective Worship every day.

You can find our policies relating to Collective Worship and Religious Education by following this link:

RE and Collective Worship


During Collective Worship, whether in the hall, classroom or outside, we will apply the following four key elements of worship:

Gathering Making special and significant this part of the day through appropriate symbol and ceremony

Engaging Using a variety of the best available techniques to stimulate interest in the content

Responding Ensuring there is time and opportunity for individual, group reflection and thought, so those attending can respond in a variety of ways

Sending Summarising the worship in a meaningful short message used to create an opportunity for those attending to implement the ideas covered and to conclude the worship


The themes for our Collective Worships are discussed between staff, the children and our local vicar, Rev. Philippa Mills. The children are particularly good at suggestions questions, stories and songs for us to share.

You can view our Collective Worship Overviews below:

Collective Worship themes Autumn 2017

Collective Worship themes 2016-2017