The children, staff, parents and governors have reviewed our Christian Values. Our vision statement is:

“Building our community on LOVE, FORGIVENESS and HOPE.”

We  explored the meaning and significance of these values both in school and in discussions at home. Some of the responses from families are  detailed in the links below. Our aim is that we will help the children develop into well rounded, responsible and open-minded people through promoting and developing these values on a daily basis.

Home Learning LOVE responses

Home Learning HOPE responses

Home Learning FORGIVENESS responses

When we were considering a third value we also explored the following values.

Home Learning COURAGE responses

Home Learning TRUST responses

Home Learning WISDOM responses

Parents, staff, governors and members of the Whiteley Church met together for an evening workshop. The result of their discussions are in the pictures below.

Courage     Forgiveness

Trust     Wisdom

Since Autumn 2016 we return to each of our Values as a theme for a fortnight each term in our Collective Worship cycle. The children are review and re-explore their ideas about what the Values mean for them.

Love hearts Oct 16

HOPE doves Feb 17

Forgiveness hands May 17

 Love hearts Sept 17