Strategic Development Plan

The school’s leadership and the Governing Body set Strategic Development priorities each academic year. As part of this partnership, regular evaluations and reviews of progress are shared and discussed with staff and the Governing Body. This process is also supported by our Leadership and Learning Partner from the Hampshire Inspection and Advisory Team.

Priorities 2017-2018

1: Continue to improve outcomes for learners.

2: Continue to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

3: SIAMS Action Plan.

4: Continue to develop and embed a positive Health & Safety culture.

5: Introduce and develop Learning Powers.

6: Introduce and develop Learning Quests.



Priorities 2016-2017

1: The quality of teaching in all classes is consistently good and increasingly outstanding. The principles and practices of the Teaching for Learning Policy are further embedded.

2: All learners in every class are challenged to achieve at least the End of Year Expectations, making sustained progress and developing depth of understanding.

3: Continue to develop the learning focused, progressive, creative, engaging and meaningful whole curriculum, supported by effective use Assessment Journeys.

4: Further develop Subject Leader roles and their impact.

5: SIAMS Action Plan.

6: New school redevelopment.