PE Funding

Additional funding has been supplied by the Government to be used by schools to promote sporting activities.

Here at Cornerstone Primary School we use the majority of the money to buy in expert P.E. teachers who deliver high quality lessons to our children. This provision is supplied through our partnership work with Henry Cort Community College. Our own school staff work alongside these teachers to improve their skills, thus contributing to their own professional development.

We also use part of this funding to support the swimming lessons that our Year 4 pupils undertake. In addition to this, some of our children enjoy a weekly free free Multi-skills class which supports their balance, co-ordination and confidence skills.

The remainder of the funding is used to regularly add to or replace PE and sports equipment which is used both during lessons and at playtimes / lunchtimes.

Finally, as a school that is very aware of the need to promote a healthy life to all our children, we already work with local providers to provide football and dance after school clubs.