Sunshine class


Not Now Nativity

The children in Years R, 1 and 2, performed a nativity during advent. It was performed to the older children in the school and to their parents and families.





When we were Stars (Year R)

Fairy Fortnight

Following an exciting two weeks of finding fairy doors in the copse, leaving letters for the fairies and getting replies, creating their own fairy houses…How could Stars class finish their Fairy Fortnight. By finding a real life fairy in the copse and inviting her to a Fairy Feast of course!








A Miracle in Town

Stars and Owls classes retold the Nativity story with a range of songs and dance moves. There was also a creative collection of costumes they enjoyed dressing up in.


















Feeding the birds in the copse

As part of thinking about national Tree Week, and feeding others, Stars class made a range of different bird feeders. They then went into the copse to look at where they might put the feeders to help the birds in the coming colder months.




Wedding celebration

As part of their learning exploring and discussing a range of family celebrations, Stars class re-enacted a wedding led by Rev. Philippa Mills (our local vicar and one of our governors). As well as the bride and groom, it involved bridesmaids, a best man, a congregation, a pianist and official wedding photographers. After the ‘service’ the whole class enjoyed a drink and some wedding cake.

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