Pupil Voice Groups

From Year 1 onwards our learners are involved in Pupil Voice Groups. They are mixed class groups who meet to discuss, share their opinions and have their input into a range of school matters.


During the academic year 2018-2019 they reviewed our Cornerstone Rules. These rules are linked to our school Values, and help the children think about how to show Love, Forgiveness and Hope. They generated many interesting and inspiring suggestions.

Pupil Voice Groups School Rules


They spent time discussing, what makes an Inspirational Learner?

They reviewed our school’s Learning Powers and our Growth Mindset approach.

They then reviewed their ideas in our Teaching for Learning policy and came up with a Top Ten list.

Pupil Voice Groups Inspirational Learners


They also discussed what makes leaders inspirational, and considered how we can all be leaders that inspire others.

  • Who are leaders?
  • How do they lead?
  • How do they set a good role model?
  • What makes them inspirational?

Pupil Voice Groups Inspirational Leaders



During the academic year 2017-2018 they discussed Playtimes and Lunchtimes:

  • What they like and don’t like
  • How people feel at different times
  • Ideas for a Playground Pact

Pupil Voice Groups Playtimes and lunchtimes


They also discussed Learning Powers, Learning Quests and the Five Moments:

  • Why and how are Learning Powers helpful
  • What works well about Learning Quests and how they could be further improved
  • Why are the Five Moments and the class Special Book important
  • How they would define the Five Moments for themselves

Pupil Voice Groups Summer 2018



During the academic year 2016-2017 they discussed:

  • What makes a great lesson for them
  • What would be the ingredients for a recipe of a great lesson they would give to staff
  • Feedback to staff on how Feedback could be better for their learning

Pupil Voice Groups Autumn 16 minutes


During the academic year 2015-2016 they discussed:

  • What is great about Cornerstone and what could be improved?
  • Designed possible superhero characters for our school Learning Values
  • Shared and played a wider range of games that could be played at lunchtimes

In the summer term of 2016 they discussed what they think an ‘Inspirational Learning Community’ is and shared examples of how at Cornerstone we help inspire each other to learn and improve.

Pupil Voice Groups Summer 16 minutes


During the academic year 2014-2015 they discussed:

Learning and what makes a great learner. (These ideas are now part of the school’s Teaching for Learning policy).

Pupil Voice Groups Spring 15 Minutes


School rules. Why do we have them and what should they be? (These ideas have been developed into the new Cornerstone Rules)

Pupil Voice Groups Summer 15 Minutes