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Y6 Adaptation and inheritance reading comprehension

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Sir Harold Hillier Gardens visit




Pandas class (Year 6)

Welcome to Year 6 information:

Welcome to Year 6






When we were Sharks class (Year 5)

Fairthorne Residential Visit

All the children in class stayed at Fairthorne Manor for a 3 day residential. They developed their independence and team skills as well as overcoming numerous physical challenges. Staff from the site and from school were impressed by their maturity, enthusiasm and great manners. They undertook a range of different activities, which you can view in the links below:

Fairthorne Photos Website 1

Fairthorne Photos Website 2

Fairthorne Photos Website 3

Fairthorne Photos Website 4

Fairthorne Photos Website 5

Fairthorne Photos Website 6




When we were Bats Class (Year 4)


Winchester City visit

The class visited Winchester Cathedral and Winchester Museum as part of their Learning Quest about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.




Anglo-Saxon Museum

The class created their own museum of artefacts at school as a celebration of their Learning Quest.




The children have developed their balances and teamwork skills during their PE lessons this year.




When we were Leopards (Year 3)

Rainforest Exhibition

The children have enjoyed sharing their learning about the rainforest. They were happy because they were helping other people learn why the rainforest is so important. They were excited to hear the visitors’ comments. They shared Henry Rousseau art work, photos of nature from around the school, animal adoption posters, 3D South America maps and big posters answering the children’s own choice of question. Lots of stunning work and positive feedback from visitors (both children and adults).







Marwell Zoo trip

The children thoroughly enjoyed their ‘wild’ day of learning as part of their Rainforests Project. As well as seeing a range of amazing animals in their enclosures, they were able to handle some smaller animals and learnt about why rainforests are so important to our planet.








Photos of nature

As part of their Rainforest project the children took a range of photos in different natural settings around the school grounds. They then used the iPads to enhance their photos.










The children have spent the past few weeks developing their orienteering skills with our specialist PE teacher Miss Luff. Today they invited parents in to undertake some challenges with them. The weather was dull but the enthusiasm of the adults and children alike certainly compensated for it.





Fishbourne Roman Palace trip

As part of their project about the Ancient Romans Leopards class had a chance to visit the Roman Palace at Fishbourne. They saw the mosaics and other artefacts that had been found on the site. They had the opportunity to dress and role play as Ancient Romans. They also designed mosaics, built bridges, worked in a Roman kitchen and wrote on wax tablets.






Lights Camel Action

Turtles, Leopards and Ocelots classes came together as a cast to perform a nativity show called “Light Camel Action”. It was themed like a Strictly dance show, with the characters explaining their part in the story but dancing for the judges (donkey, Innkeeper’s wife and Caesar). The children performed the humorous script very entertainingly, and sang and danced extremely well. A fun and creative way to think about the Christmas story.


Butser Farm trip

Leopards class enjoyed their day exploring and learning at Butser Ancient Farm as part of their Stone Age project. They thought it was interesting that the animal bones they discovered suggest that Stone Age people were originally hunters, but became farmers over time (keeping cows, goats, pigs and sheep). That Stone Age people would mix mud, water and chalk to create a mixture called ‘clunch’ which they would smear on wattle frames to make fences and walls. Also that they would rub leaves on chalk stones, so that the stones turned green before using flint to carve pictures on them.

img_2663      img_2665

img_2675      img_2669

img_2773      img_2771


Stone Age Copse Experience

As part of their Stone Age project, Leopards class have undertaken a series of practical challenges in the school copse. Shelter building, making their own paint from natural materials they could find and setting up a camp fire, where some of the challenges they faced.

img_2625      img_2626

img_2628      img_2631

img_2634      img_2637      img_2652



When we were Penguins (Year 2)

Winchester Science Museum trip

Penguins class thoroughly enjoyed being able to get ‘hands on’ with their science on this trip. Releasing parachutes, searching Google Earth, visiting a room that shrank people, journeying through the digestive system, testing their reflexes, jumping and running prowess were just some of the activities they undertook. They also visited the planetarium and went on a tour of our solar system in a cardboard rocket.

IMG_4006     IMG_4003

IMG_4000     IMG_3999

IMG_3994     IMG_3989

IMG_3988     IMG_3987

IMG_3977     IMG_3973

IMG_3969     IMG_3963


Sir Harold Hiller Gardens trip

Dolphins and Penguins classes thoroughly enjoyed exploring the gardens, learning about the trees and plants, spotting the range of different sculptures and pond dipping.

IMG_3454     IMG_3471

IMG_3476     IMG_3523

IMG_3496     IMG_3547


Portraits from the Past

As part of a history project the children visited a Portrait gallery in the school hall. They then researched famous people of their choice, working together and using a range of tools and technology. In English they drafted and developed speeches to try to persuade others in their class that their choice of famous person was most significant historically. Finally they delivered their speeches and debated the outcome, which was tie for first place between Jesse Owens and Louis Pasteur.

IMG_0144     IMG_0164

IMG_0171     IMG_0172

IMG_0189     IMG_0194


Christmas Performance of “There’s something amazing going on”

Dragonflies and Penguins class came together for a sparkling Christmas performance. The children really enjoyed the chance to perform on a stage in front of a large audience. After lots of enthusiastic and hard-working practice the cast were ready. The acting was extraordinary, the costumes were fantastically colourful and the singing and dancing were fabulous. Congratulations to everyone involved.

IMG_1867     IMG_1855

IMG_1845     IMG_1866


Whiteley 2015-2025

The children have been investigating what amenities Whiteley already contains and what a range of residents think about the town. They then considered what might change over the next ten years and what they think residents of the future, including themselves, would like. The future generations discussing the future development.

IMG_3334     IMG_3355

IMG_3352     IMG_3339

When we were Ladybirds (Year 1)


The children shared their learning with parents and other family members. They have made animated films about the Great Fire of London, acted out interviews with eye witnesses, read diary extracts, performed a dance they had created and discussed the models and cobbled road of facts they had built. A brilliant celebration of their learning and achievements.

IMG_1581     IMG_1580

IMG_1587     IMG_1593

Class Zoo.

The children worked hard to prepare a Class Zoo. They shared their work and knowledge with the other children and parents on four separate tours. They answered questions well and grew in confidence after each tour.

Zoo 4     Zoo 6

Zoo 3     Zoo 2     Zoo 5

Zoo 10     Zoo 8

Zoo 7     Zoo 9     Zoo 11


Class pet letters.

As part of their project on animals, Ladybirds class have been discussing which animals would be best suited to live in a zoo, on a farm, at home or indeed even at school! Below are some of the letters the children have written to Mr. Clarke to try and persuade him to allow them to have a class pet.

Pet letter 1     Pet letter 2     Pet letter 3

Pet letter 4     Pet letter 5     Pet letter 6


Classroom displays.


Photos of Class Activities