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World War 2 diary

Rose Blanche biography

NASA letter

Robot poems

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Greek Myths

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Extreme Earth

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Dragonslayer 2



Phoenix class (Year 6)




When we were Emoji class (Year 5)


Persuasive adverts

The children have written, redrafted and recorded persuasive adverts. By reading them out loud they have considered how they use their voice as well as their choices of language and structure to have an impact on the listener. You can find the links to listen to them below:

Persuasive Advert Audios 1

Persuasive Advert Audios 2

Persuasive Advert Audios 3

Persuasive Advert Audios 4


Open Class displays

Many families came into school near the end of the school year, to share and celebrate their children’s learning and achievements. Below are some of the displays which showcased their learning.



Fort Nelson visit

As part of their World War 2 Learning Quest the children visited Fort Nelson, where they were able to take part in a range of activities led by staff from the museum.




World War 2 day

To finish their Learning Quest the class enjoyed a World War 2 day. They came into school dressed as different people from the time period.


Jaws animations

The class have been learning about tension and how to build it up by analysing different texts in English. They have applied this learning to their writing and these stop frame animations.

Animation 1

Animation 2

Animation 3

Animation 4

Animation 5

Animation 6

Animation 7



Winchester Science Centre visit

As part of their Space Learning Quest the children visited the Science Centre in Winchester. The learnt more about space from a visit to the planetarium, and also other aspects of science through workshops and experimenting with the interactive exhibits.





Greek Day

The children came into school dressed as Ancient Greeks to finish their Learning Quest: “Greece is the word!” They had the opportunity to try different Greek foods and decorated pots using Greek designs. They also shared their group Learning Quests with each other, taking over as teachers in the class for the afternoon. The day culminated with them performing their Greek dance for their families and then sharing the myths they had written and other examples of their learning.




Fairthorne Manor residential

The class thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of their first school residential. The most popular activities were: abseiling; kayaking; canoeing; Team Challenge; Vertical Assault; and Aerial Runway. The also said that they enjoyed the food and sharing a room with their friends. When asked to sum up the experience in one word the responses included: amazing; awesome, fantastic; and epic. You can view photos of the trip below.

Y5 Fairthorne Photos 1

Y5 Fairthorne Photos 2



When we were Ocelots (Year 4)

Extreme Earth Shape Poems

Ocelots had fun thinking about extreme features on earth, like hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes and even tsunamis. They then turned their ideas into shape poems:
































Lights Camel Action

Turtles, Leopards and Ocelots classes came together as a cast to perform a nativity show called “Light Camel Action”. It was themed like a Strictly dance show, with the characters explaining their part in the story but dancing for the judges (donkey, Innkeeper’s wife and Caesar). The children performed the humorous script very entertainingly, and sang and danced extremely well. A fun and creative way to think about the Christmas story.


Anglo-Saxon Pots

Anglo-Saxon Pots – Slideshow Part 1

Anglo-Saxon Pots – Slideshow Part 2


Anglo-Saxon Museum Ocelots class shared a range of artefacts they had created based on their learning about the Anglo-Saxon time period. With atmospheric lighting and music a special atmosphere was created for parents and children from other classes to enjoy exploring the exhibits.

wp_20161107_15_21_36_pro     wp_20161107_15_21_46_pro




When we were Dragonflies (Year 3)

Pizza Express

Dragonflies class visited Pizza Express to design and make their own pizzas. It links to their project on the Ancient Romans and a DT project of designing a 3D box for a pizza for the Queen (as part of her 90th birthday celebrations). The children (and adults) seemed to enjoy tasting the fruits of their labours.

IMG_2422     IMG_2449

IMG_5290     IMG_5302




Marwell trip

As part of their project on Rainforests the children have been learning about the types of plants that grow and animals that live in the Rainforests. They travelled to Winchester to visit Marwell Zoo to study the animals there first hand.

083     068

053     043


Christmas Performance of “There’s something amazing going on”

Dragonflies and Penguins class came together for a sparkling Christmas performance. The children really enjoyed the chance to perform on a stage in front of a large audience. After lots of enthusiastic and hard-working practice the cast were ready. The acting was extraordinary, the costumes were fantastically colourful and the singing and dancing were fabulous. Congratulations to everyone involved.

IMG_1867     IMG_1860



Stone Age Museum

The staff of the pop-up Museum in the school Hall were very organised and highly professional. Collaborating well as a team they shared their knowledge and enthusiasm for this time period with their adult and Y1 visitors. Answering questions, leading activities, developing skills and taking visitors on cave tours. A fabulous event which the Museum Manager was very impressed with.

IMG_3608     IMG_3599


IMG_3592     IMG_3605


Butser Ancient Farm

Dragonfly class travelled back in time when they visited Butser Ancient Farm to learn more about the Stone Age. They made cordage, sculpted pottery, created copper jewellery and practised being archaeologists. Undertaking these activities really helped the learning come to life for the children. Favourite parts of the day for the children included being archaeologists and making the copper jewellery.

IMG_2299     IMG_2253

IMG_2244     IMG_2222  

IMG_2210     IMG_2201

IMG_2195     IMG_2184

IMG_2179     IMG_2173


Stone Age in the Copse

As part of their Stone Age project the children have been exploring and creating in our copse. They had to design and make their own paint brushes before finding a canvas. They had to build models of a hunting shelter and a stone circle in the style of Stonehenge. They had to set up a camp fire and consider what other tools they could make. All of this had to be achieved using only natural materials that they could find (with the exception of some string and paint).

IMG_1786     IMG_1797

IMG_1813     IMG_1805

IMG_1803     IMG_1793  

IMG_1783     IMG_1771




When we were Butterflies (Year 2) 

“India” Project Celebration

The children have learnt a great deal about India, through comparing an Indian Village with Whiteley and Hampshire. However today’s celebration with, first Ladybirds class, and then with Butterflies families, focused on teaching others and sharing what they had learnt. They helped visitors learn about and try weaving and Rangoli pattern making, discussed traditional foods and drinks, used Google Earth to show the position of the two villages and entertained with an authentic dance. A wonderful range of skills and personal attributes led to this being a positive, interactive  and powerful learning experience for all.

IMG_1384     IMG_1393

IMG_1395     IMG_1404

IMG_1403     IMG_1396

IMG_1396     IMG_1380


“Where in the World?” project

As part of their project “Where in the World?” Butterflies class have been learning about different foods from around the world. They have recently had the opportunity to have a first hand (and mouth) experience of preparing and cooking traditional food from another culture during a visit to Waggamamas.

Waggamama 1     Waggamama 2

Waggamama 4     Waggamama 7

Waggamama 8


Andy Goldsworthy art

The pupils in Butterflies have been learning about the artist Andy Goldsworthy and have been creating pictures in his style. Andy Goldsworthy collects natural objects from outside and turns they into stunning artwork. The pupils visited the copse to collect: leaves, twigs, conkers, feathers and sticks to produce their creations. They had to produce three versions to explore different techniques and styles.

Goldsworthy 1     Goldsworthy 2

Goldsworthy 3Goldsworthy 4

Goldsworthy 5Goldsworthy 6