Writers’ Anthology

The Bog Baby

3 Little Pigs


Portsmouth Dockyard trip

Turtles class thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Dockyards in Portsmouth to tour the HMS Victory and also see the Mary Rose as part of their “On the High Seas” project. They had the opportunity to dress up in historical costumes, practised tying knots, and learnt how sailors used to bash the bread on the side of the ship to make sure there were no weevils in the bread.





Lights Camel Action

Turtles, Leopards and Ocelots classes came together as a cast to perform a nativity show called “Light Camel Action”. It was themed like a Strictly dance show, with the characters explaining their part in the story but dancing for the judges (donkey, Innkeeper’s wife and Caesar). The children performed the humorous script very entertainingly, and sang and danced extremely well. A fun and creative way to think about the Christmas story.


Connect with the World

Turtles class have been enjoying their learning about the world and been taking advantage of technology to Skype other classes of children in other countries. They have also been finding out about famous landmarks from around the world and then used different media to create pictures of them.

img_3125      img_3126      img_3127 img_3128      img_3129      img_3130


When we were Dolphins (Year 1)

Sir Harold Hillier Gardens trip

Dolphins and Penguins classes thoroughly enjoyed exploring the gardens, learning about the trees and plants, spotting the range of different sculptures and pond dipping.

Hilliers trip 005     Hilliers trip 022

Hilliers trip 030     Hilliers trip 033

Hilliers trip 049     Hilliers trip 076

Hilliers trip 100     Hilliers trip 103


A Christmas Tale

Hedgehogs and Dolphins classes impressed their audiences with their performances of this Christmas story about Minty the Mouse finding out what the real tale of Christmas is. Great acting, lovely singing and stylish costumes.

IMG_3124     IMG_3111

IMG_3121     IMG_3878

IMG_3875     IMG_3871

IMG_3866     IMG_3864


Class Zoo

As a culmination of their project on animals Dolphins class shared a zoo experience with members of their family. They performed poems before leading a tour of their model animals and work from this project. Some stunning work and confident tour guides were in evidence.

IMG_3590     IMG_3583

IMG_3585     IMG_3591


When we were Bumblebees (Year R)


The children are learning about many different special celebrations during this half-term. This week they have focused on Christenings. Members of the class have brought in Christening items to discuss and share. Reverend Philippa joined the class for one afternoon to lead the children through a re-enacted Christening service.

IMG_1758     IMG_1761

IMG_1763     IMG_1765


The Woods

Children in Bumble Bees have been exploring in the woods.

Woods 1     Woods 2Woods 3


Classroom displays